Food Packaging Boxes

Custom boxes are powerful display tools that market as well as protect your candy, chocolate, bakery, and other food products. Obrou Paper Box Factory recognizes this and helps you design effective custom boxes that are visually appealing. This is particularly important for a paper box for food, where you want your packaging to highlight the mouth-watering appeal of your food product. We provide innovative and creative custom boxes, including unique shapes and die cut boxes to create a paper box with a window which is perfect for gourmet food boxes, and finishing touches such as foil stamping, embossing/debossing, and a variety of custom coatings. In addition, our ISO 9001 certification guarantees that we run a clean and organized operation in the manufacturing of custom food boxes. If you are environmentally conscious, we have the capability to manufacture eco-friendly boxes. Throughout Imperial’s more than four decades of business, we have had a vast amount of experience manufacturing custom food boxes.

Common box styles for a paper box for food include: RTE, STE, Seal End, TTSLB, TTAB, Sleeve, Gable Top with Auto Bottom, Bag Box with Auto Bottom, Four Corner Beers Tray with Lid (custom bakery boxes), Six Corner Beers Tray, Roll End Tray, Simplex Tray, Frame-Vue Tray, Four Pack Carrier with Auto Bottom (for condiments such as salsa), Pillow Box, Display Box, Dispenser Box, Hexagon, Octagon, and Edge Locked Sleeve.

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