Pure Sine Wave Inverter 1000W Power DC 12V To AC 220V Voltage 50/60HZ Converter Car Inverters

Product Description

Pure Sine Wave Inverter 1000W Power DC 12V To AC 220V Voltage 50/60HZ Converter Car Inverters

Function: 1.The product can convert direct current to alternating current for use in general electrical appliances

2.High efficiency, stable sine wave output, high frequency technology, small size, light weight, suitable for various loads. 3.Super silent and intelligent fan.Only works when its temperature more than 130°F. The cooling fan will automatically rotate at different speed according to power load and temperature, this design help to save power and reduce the fan noise. Also built in two position fuses and 4 fuses as extras, protect the inverter against overheating.
4.The inverter power supply adopts soft start tech controlled by MCU micro-processing and Isolated Input/Output design is more safety: include over voltage, overload, under-voltage,overheating, short circuit protection. Strong and durable aluminum alloy housing provides protection from drops or bumps.
5.The sine wave inverter adopts LCD liquid crystal display mode, and the state is clear at a glance. We can master the power inverter working status anytime
6.The product adopts pure copper wire, imported explosion-proof capacitor, pure copper filter coil high-quality high-frequency transformer, large capacitor and large insurance 7.Long press the switch to avoid accidental touch,safer and more economical to use


Pure Sine Wave Inverter
Convert 12V power to AC 220V
Metal Shell & Plastic
Cable Length
Pure Sine Wave
Conversion efficiency
Rated power
Peak power
Input voltage
Output voltage
Output frequency
Get electricity way
Pure Copper link&battery clamps

Note: 12V’s inverter only can link 12V’s battery (Normal operating range is from 9.5V to 15.5V) and 24V’s inverter only can link 24V’s battery (Normal operating range is from 19.5V to 28.5V) Don’t connect the inverter to the household circuit!

When using 12V/24V to connect the cigarette lighter wire in the car, please do not exceed 120W. Otherwise the car fuse will blow!

The installation and commissioning of the inverter should be carried out by electrical maintenance personnel who understand the structure and operation of the inverter.




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