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Your product’s packaging is meant to communicate a purpose: what your brand stands for and what it means for your customer. Don’t miss this opportunity to create a lasting impression on the shelf and in the minds of your customers.

Corrugated Box

Provide solar off-grid system and solar grid-connected system solution support, project installation support.

Food Packaging Box

We provide solar panels, inverters, controllers, batteries, portable power supplies and other products to support OEM and ODM order.

Cosmetic Package Box

Customize the solution according to your project needs, you only need to tell us how many kilowatts of solar system you plan to install, and we will do the rest.

Gift Box

Provide home energy storage and portable mobile energy storage products and solutions to solve your electricity needs at home and camping

Cardboard Rigid Box

If you can provide sales and installation services, we welcome the establishment of long-term cooperation and become partners to develop the market together.

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Wine Package

Our wholly-owned subsidiary Tuoson International Logistics provides logistics solutions to our customers to ensure the safe transportation of goods to their destination, while saving our customers on shipping costs.

Let's Build Your Branding Dreams!

Our high-quality rigid packaging can help define your brand.

First impressions of a brand are made within 7 seconds. A positive brand image leads to higher conversions.

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Reducing carbon emissions is a global challenge, which brings excellent development opportunities for new energy.

We provide customers with solution services and related products. Feel free to contact me if you are interested.